Williamson Schools Director: TNReady Problems ‘Beyond Ridiculous’


FRANKLIN, TN — Williamson County Director of Schools Mike Looney returned to work this week from sick leave and hit the ground running on Twitter.

Looney, who came back on the job after missing six weeks for treatment of a pancreatic tumor, lambasted the state’s embattled TNReady testing program, which had numerous problems, including an apparent hacking attempt and a cable cut that short-circuited online portions of the test, leading the state legislature to pass an eleventh-hour law holding educators and students harmless from any adverse effects from this year’s testing cycle.

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Looney had choice words for the program Monday:

Testing Update: TnReady testing challenges persist this morning. This has been the worst state testing process I have ever seen and it’s beyond ridiculous! Nevertheless, I am proud of WCS students and teachers for handling this with grace.— Dr. Mike Looney (@wcsDirofSchools) April 30, 2018

The botched rollout and resulting fiasco led for calls for state education commissioner Candace McQueen’s resignation, though she insisted she’ll stay in office.

Photo via Williamson County Schools

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