What’s Shaking? Destruction Of Old Ordnance Rocks Williamson


FRANKLIN, TN — A boom heard and rumble felt throughout Williamson County shocked and confused many late Thursday night. Neither overzealous Civil War re-enactors nor overzealous developers were to blame, just the safe disposal of an unusual discovery.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office said a resident discovered unexploded ordnance in their home, believed to be from the 1950s, and promptly – or as promptly as can be considering the age of the item – reported it to the department.

As per protocol – insofar as there is a protocol for this sort of thing – the department contacted the Tennessee Highway Patrol and ordnance disposal teams from Ft. Campbell. The crews took the item to a quarry off Downs Boulevard and safely disposed of it, which is to say they blew it up.

Typically, the sheriff’s department alerts residents when such explosions will occur, though they did not Thursday. It is not yet clear why.

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