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The architects and builders are keeping keeping pace with the brokers in that their announcements of new business discloses discloses investments, contemplated or consummated, of only ordinary importance. importance. With characteristic optimism, however, ail these interests sav the lull is but temporary. The Builders’ Ex-ciiango Ex-ciiango Ex-ciiango luncheon yesterday was largelv attended, every branch of the building trades being represented. The after-dinner after-dinner after-dinner talk was delivered by Congressman. Congressman. Mephen G. Porter, a ‘ member of the foreign affairs committee of the iiouse of Representatives, who enlight-t enlight-t enlight-t ? V-ls V-ls V-ls heaiers with a talk on troubles i VVJ’0Pe and in Mexico. Mr. Porter said he does not ayree with the President and he pointed out some of his reasons on the submarine question and also as regards regards Mexico. The congressman believes believes he said, that honest criticism of iV?m rr!slden- rr!slden- wiU aifi him- him- and be-ttfl be-ttfl be-ttfl i- i- ?!!e vlT. say,: "Thpy stand behind the President " and. taking- taking- that posi-rifJ?i posi-rifJ?i posi-rifJ?i Pmit him to carry all the burdens. burdens. Mr. Porter added that President u lison is being permitted to carry too heavy a load The congressman closed his taU by making a plea that America’s .I1 13 to do the riht thing, even ir by doing so it appeared that she was rayorlng one power as against the other. Robert K. Cochrane presided at this meeting, and announced that the annual picnic of the exchange will be held at "The Pines " near Keowa station on Thursday’. June 29. The Boosters’ Club last evening held a smoker in the exchange rooms, Fulton building Prof. C. F. Luck, representing the Physicians’ Medical Society, beins their guest and delivering an interesting address. Real Estate Exchange Meeting. At the Real Estate Exchange weekly luncheon in the Hotel Henry, vesterflay noon, Colonel T. J. Keenan was tin principal speaker. The exchange has Deen studying recently new methods of raising revenue by taxation, and Mr. Keenan’s talk yesterday dealt with the taxing of bank deposits. Houses in Exchange Deal. The C. Li. Saxton Company has sold for M-orrla M-orrla M-orrla ShHomii Dun- Dun- j.tu; the property at 3(4 Henry avenue, Se-wickley. Se-wickley. Se-wickley. Lot 60×125 feet, having- having- erected ..,,1 a. imic-niurn imic-niurn imic-niurn irarne jioue, at a valuntiim of (w Tr Floyd E. Tvilloughby deeds the property at ilia Mt. Vernon street, lot 20×93 feet having- having- erected thereon a nine-room nine-room nine-room brick dwelling. Sewickley Home Sold. M. II. Ivnowles has Bold for H. Camp- Camp- nev to A,. C. Sriliimr,f 5n-v1x; 5n-v1x; 5n-v1x; im – . . . ….. , .1 i itc, 11,1 proved with a six-room six-room six-room house, in !Nevin avenue, Sewickley, for $3,500. Los Angeles Broker Here. George A. Randel, manager of the Guy M. Rush ‘Co Tnr nf 7 .nc A-rnraiAO A-rnraiAO A-rnraiAO Cq1 expects to spend about a month in this city. Many Pittsburgh brokers met Mr. Randel at the 1915 National Association convention in Los Angelea. Transfers. SETVTCKLEY BORO., 40×136. Public rd.. . vennmg xo J-c. J-c. J-c. a. McMaster, Jr., . v’ WTO DORMONT BORO., 3SxlflO, New Haven r-uza r-uza r-uza oem j3. vv eyers ro UBcar JB. WA RRIJCGTONr AVE. " 18th wd."," " Pgh’ " ‘ ueorgp i-. i-. i-. reman to cnarles H. Haiismanri XTav fi n am , V7V W1LKINSBURG BORO., 75×105. Pattern v. j. ouvib to xnomas A. Martin, May 19 g 400 COLFAX ST.. 21st wd., Pgh.. 91×132, ‘ Lou!ga Hell to Bertha Hell, May 9…. 1 SPRING GARDEN BORO., 2-3 2-3 2-3 Int. 6ox-112. 6ox-112. 6ox-112. Lincoln St., Harry W. Karn to WILKINSRURO’ BORO., " 66×59," Ander son St.. Marearet M. Croshle tn John. Rtnn Rnoar faw 11 -it -it WlLKISBURa BORO., 2S3tl32. Robs ave., jonn yvingenroth to Estella Gray. May 1 a nnn JEFFERSON TWP.. 60×120. 2nd Bt., U E. Zerbe to Richard FTaser, Oct. IS . 350 HATSV1LLE BORO., 12.275 acres, Susan B. White to Alice B. Jackson, Oct. B.000 8.208 3,209 . 1.600 TOO 105 2,Mo 3.500 1 12,337 4,000 1.100 21-xSfl, 21-xSfl, 21-xSfl, Dean, MAPLE ST.. 2Sih wd.. Ph., Trs. of Synod Refd. Presby. ro EHzabcth M. RohbSns. Apr Church 4 HARMAR TOT., 9(1×124. West Penn R. R.. Geor.ee K. Wagar to Henry VV. Oe-liriK. Oe-liriK. Oe-liriK. Apr. 22 TtORMONT RfiRO.. 30×110. Pinehurt ave.. Norma E. Riley to Emila E. Heinrlch. Mav 10 WEST DEER TWP.. Walter Mueller to nail, May 4 45×101. Mueller St., Nii-ollno Nii-ollno Nii-ollno Campag- Campag- JEFFERSON" TWP.. 16.90 acre. Public rd., St. Clair Imp. Co. to Maggie Jacobs, Ayr. 27 DE SOTA ST., 4th wd.’.’PRh.V 74x7h Viol toria Rebholz to Catharina Matter, Mav 10 M’ K EES ROCKS HORO.. 2nxl20. Island ave.. Iron Citv Dep. & E. Assn. to ‘ John Hofffr. Mav 1 SKWiCKI.ET RORO.. 247. Pine st , Annie F. Richardson to George M. McPftftue. Mav 5 ST. MARIE ST.. 11th wd.. Peh.. 24×100. John Iu!T to James K. Wilson. Apr. 2S CARNEGIE HORO.. -0x150. -0x150. 5th ave., Sarah V. Klrby to Martin Riska. May 1 ROSEDALE ST.. 13th wd., Pgh James H. Maxwell to Matilda S. ardson. 0"i. 29 CORAOPOLIS RORO.. u. int.. 10×74. . Rieh-to Rieh-to Rieh-to Ca- Ca- 1 450 1 1 M36 8.408 1 m 2.12S 10,090 3,400 1 1 Hnand ave.. Giovanni Fodoraro tprir.a Fansn. Mav 6 PENN TWP.. 6-8 6-8 6-8 interest. 40,93 Hazel R. Weieel to Grace O. Mav 10 acres, Reith, PENN TWP., R- R- interest. 4.?S ares Charles A. Reith to Hazel B. Weieel May 10 MONEY ST.. 17th wd., "’hoi Herzler lo Wm. May 1 Pgh., 20x(. C. Theijn, FISH. ST. Sth wd.. Pgh., 2.–X112. 2.–X112. 2.–X112. 2.–X112. Matthew J. Moroney Sr. to Alexander Markow- Markow- Mtl. May 8 HIGHLAND AVE., 11th 1 . Pgh., 12ix95, Marcaret H. W. Watson to Frances I’latip Hal!, Mav 8 . . CARNEGIE HORO., rfslCI. Rovd tt’t ‘. Anna M. McCaughan to John W. Reed. Mar. 1. ’05 CARNEGIE RORO.. E3xll(. Bovd’st" John W. Reed to Charles Fiala.’May 10 GRANDVIEW, lS:h wd.. pgh.. 2 lots, ChariCR C. Cans to W. It. Scott Mav 6 MII.ROY AVE., 26th wd . Pgh., 27xi!7. Michael Pecoja to Fannie Hotuh. May 9 PENN AVE., 2nd Frances C. Bert Sept. 3 a., p.eh.. 17×100, Wilson, C. L. INGRAM RORb. 50×161. Limien ave., Josephine F. McGurn to Thomas J. El-won,. El-won,. El-won,. Apr. is CLAIM ST.. 24th w.l.. Pgh.. SOxSO, Anton Anton Huneok to Flo-rian Flo-rian Flo-rian Exler. Apr. 20 BR AD DOCK TWP.. 60×110. Halipey ave., Jac-ob Jac-ob Jac-ob Boveers to Alesamier Law, Apr. 6 SEWICKLEY BORO.. 34×95. Melville Lane, J. Col’ard White to Fred W. Copeland. Mav 6, "09 DORMONT RORO.. 35×120, Voelke! ave.,’ Christ J. Vollmer to Ida M. Vollmer, May 2 BALDWIN TWP.. 30×120. Berkshire ave.. West Lib. Imp. Co. to Clement H. Spohn, May 4 BELLAIRE AVE., 19th wd., Pffh," 30xlffl, Otto Eberle to C. A. Caler, Jr Mav 10 WIG HTM AN ST.. 14th wfl.. Pgh.. 109×150, Tillia K. Herzog to Henry Averhach, 3. r. 5,000 1.0S0 1 sr, 500 1 4, 4S I May 11 .. PI,UM TWP, Young to May 1 ,, coal, 71.44 acres. Martin T. Penn. Franklin Coal Co., SOUTH FAYETTE TWP.. 27 acres, Public Public rd., W. S. Miller to Annie W, S. Miller, Sept. 10 Mortgages. Thej-esla Thej-esla Thej-esla Wlwler to Fanny Flarshwim ) Penn Franklin Coal Co. to Martin F. Young VJekoslav Bruidic to Daniel Zwleriynski Mary S. Healo to Keystone B. & L. A. Xo. 2 Rudolph E. Fries to F. L. John B. & L.A Thr. B. Forster to Ddrne Pa. v. V. & L.A. John T. Ewens to Ailentown Turn B. L. A. Wan. H. RafTert to Anna B. Martin James M. Willis to Jennie F. Petty. extr Ch-arles Ch-arles Ch-arles H. Stabler to Dime iav. B. & L. A Harry W. Buker to Jonathan N. Ritchie Mary -M. -M. Karn to Mt. Troy B. S- S- L. A. George A. Itader to J. R. ,Stu1a George W. Baker to Barbara. Hahn Mary Iawrenc to A. J. Kryig-e-imire Kryig-e-imire Kryig-e-imire Kryig-e-imire Kryig-e-imire John Simun io Samuel Gliok Iila M. Lutz to HaztJwood Sav. & Tr. Co Andrew J. Pappert to Friendship B. & L. A Maereie E. Munhsill to Colonial Tmt Co. 6.000 3,712 500 WO 600 2,500 2,000 mo 9-iO 9-iO 9-iO 8S0 fOO 2,00 S.500 3.000" 1,500 1 1.000 7,0f 1,801 3.500 4,000 Edward Dengel to Ptnoky t ity B. & L. Charles C. Coh to Schenley Sav. L. A Otto J. Eberle to W. F. Hammel. Purchase money. 6. li08 RENO VA .ST.. 15th wd., Pgh., J. S. Rodgers to John H. May 2

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